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Anonymous - Sep 11, 2020 -
Great game. It has a cool retro feel. The only criticism I have is that sometimes it randomly gets stuck and you have to restart the level. Other than that, it's a really great game!
Anonymous - Oct 5, 2018 -
goo song but might be little old for kids game website
Anonymous - Nov 20, 2017 -
I would have given it a higher rating if it saved your game. Went back and original play and it was gone
Anonymous - Feb 11, 2017 -
how doyou collect tokensfor your winsinsg ame?
Anonymous - Nov 15, 2016 -
Not exactly the type of Asteroid shooting game one might expect, but still, not that bad. A little like Peggle. Definitely gets more challenging as you proceed in levels. Haven't run into the power up/point crystals that Asura mentioned. They must be in the higher levels. I've only progressed thru 6. Have fun everyone! DB2


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