Reflections of Life: Equilibrium

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Reflections of Life: Equilibrium

If Creatos falls the whole world will be destroyed!
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Game Info & Requirements

Reflections of Life: Equilibrium

You've been summoned to Creatos to save Princess Espera, who has been attacked and ensnared by magical vines. But when a group of strange monsters arrives suddenly and captures the Queen, you quickly realize that the princess' plight was just a distraction. Without its Queen, the World of Fantasies will crumble, and once Creatos falls, the rest of the world will soon be destroyed! Can you restore balance to the world in time?


Use the mouse to find hidden objects and solve puzzles. See in-game help for detailed instructions.

Minimum Requirements:

Windows 7/8/10
1.6 GHz processor
DirectX 9.0c
128 MB video RAM
850 MB free disk space


Developed by: GrandMA Studios
Published by: Big Fish Games

Ratings & Reviews

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  • 4.41
  • 4.41
Anonymous - Jul 22, 2019 -
Well-done game! Thanks go to the developers. Has most of what makes a good HOG. Did not become tedious or boring.
Anonymous - Jun 13, 2018 -
Fun game. Great graphics. Map worked well. Puzzles were unique, some harder than others but challenging. Even hidden object minigames were different than others.
Anonymous - Jun 9, 2018 -
Very long game, great graphics, slightly odd facial movements, challenging puzzles that are sometimes unique, intriguing story line, interactive map, and customizable difficulty settings
Anonymous - Apr 24, 2018 -
First of all, beautiful graphics. There are 4 different worlds to interact with, gorgeous graphics, lots to do, fully customizable and there's a transportable map; not too many mini-games, either. Loved it!
Anonymous - Apr 6, 2018 -
Game was good and liked the owl's assistance. Just got tired of the horn beeping towards the end of the game. Overall, fun game.


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