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Dutch518 - Mar 1, 2022 -
My, my - yet another tidbit of information I really didn't need to know.
WildGooseChase - Feb 25, 2022 -
Duh! Paid no attention to the “best score” button. I’m embarrassed. Been doing this for a couple of months too! Thank you annalis75! Changes everything!
annalis75 - Feb 24, 2022 -
Hi, WildGooseChase, not sure what you mean. You placed tenth out of 79 for today. 8th place for the week.
WildGooseChase - Feb 24, 2022 -
That was easy but when there is no competition or time involved, no rush.
ShockwaveFriends - Feb 23, 2022 -
We have a new word game called, Daily WordUp. Hope you come check it out!


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