Love Alchemy: A Heart In Winter

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Love Alchemy: A Heart In Winter

Open the door to mystery!
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Game Info & Requirements

Love Alchemy: A Heart In Winter

When a new romance blossoms, the door to mystery opens in Love Alchemy: A Heart in Winter. Follow a young woman as she's drawn helplessly to a man she barely knows, and is then caught in the tightening web of intrigue surrounding her charming but mysterious lover.
As she explores his fairy-tale castle, she marvels at his seemingly kind and romantic nature. But the more corners she turns, the more unsettled she becomes. Soon, she begins seeing ghosts, and noticing the eerie paintings of beautiful woman that adorn the walls. Then she's pulled into one of the canvases and transported to another place, where a terrifying snake has coiled its body around a helpless victim!
You must solve the mystery of the paintings and learn the truth about the woman's enigmatic lover. To do so, you'll have to search for hidden objects, solve puzzles, and win mini-games. From opulent castle halls, to creepy dungeons, to exotic faraway lands, you'll want to stop and soak in the visual splendor. But you won't because each discovery will lure closer to an ending you won't expect.
If you enjoy adventures that hold your heart in their grip, then play Love Alchemy. As the door to mystery opens, you'll be helpless against it.
Love Alchemy: A Heart In Winter features:

  • A magical love story
  • Amazing worlds inside paintings
  • A shocking alternate ending
  • Captivating characters
  • Challenging puzzles
    1. Scan the screen for useful objects
    2. Click the objects to collect them.
    3. Use the objects to solve puzzles.
    4. Win mini-games as you encounter them
    See in-game help for detailed instructions.
Minimum Requirements:

Windows XP/Vista/7/8
2.6 GHz processor
DirectX 9.0c
512 MB video RAM
483 MB free disk space


Developed by: Ilving Studio
Published by: Alawar Entertainment, Inc.

Ratings & Reviews

  • Average Rating:
  • 3.31
  • 3.31
Anonymous - Dec 6, 2018 -
if you choose the wrong answer it ends with you losing really sucky ending it be better if you had to find your way out of your portrait after choosing the wrong answer or to at least be able to do it over without having to make another profile
Anonymous - Feb 14, 2016 -
I loved this game as it wasn't too hard and the hints were frequent and very helpful. Great job, Shockwave!
Anonymous - Dec 22, 2014 -
froze on me. hint didnt work. map was good story was good but alot of bugs. maybe id you get them fixed i will play again
Anonymous - Nov 9, 2014 -
Enjoyed the storyline, but wish the map would have been more interactive - it does not highlight rooms with active areas, and does not let you jump from one location to another. HO scenes could have used a proofreader as some words were misspelled/mislabeled.
Anonymous - Jun 25, 2014 -
great game, love the graphics and storyline but rubbish ending! hint-don't take the tea!


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