Daily Jigsaw: Travels

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momsearch - Mar 2, 2022 -
Lisarah & Brolie, I agree about the Bonus games. I started Bonus 1 and quickly knew I was going to need more time than twenty minutes. I believe it took me a little over an hour on medium. I'm glad I wasn't doing the hard level.
Kittyonmylap - Mar 2, 2022 -
I'm doing Friday on Medium, but it sure feels like the Hard version!
Tagged as: Addictive, Unique
brollie - Mar 1, 2022 -
lisarah, I agree the two Bonus games were hard,
Tagged as: Addictive, Challenging
lisarah - Feb 28, 2022 -
Interesting set this week but I found both bonus games hard.
jbholly - Feb 27, 2022 -
Timor set went quick & easy on medium for me. Sorry you had problems, nbdysfool.


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