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Mandina - Feb 25, 2022 -
4:55 today for easy. OK. Hi, sapphireraptor. Dinasaurs are fascinating. And so is finding ancient relics. I remember when those ancient tiles were found. That would have been thrilling to find.
sapphireraptor - Feb 20, 2022 -
i don't think we fully understood that dinosaurs remains were buried until they started finding them in pits and mines or where cliffs felll and revealed them.. it amazes me how ancient footprints are recognised recently and have stood the tests of time. they recently discovered a roman mosaic floor not far from that dinosaur. the farmers son noticed some of the tiles as he walked across a field. A Roman villa complex containing a rare mosaic was discovered beneath a farmer's field in Rutland in 2020. The mosaic is the first example in the UK displaying scenes from Homer's The Iliad, and one of only a handful from across Europe. hope you are well Mandina
Tagged as: Addictive
Mandina - Feb 14, 2022 -
Yes, I'm reviewing the game. It was fun again today. Saphhireraptor, that's really cool.I looked it up. I loved dinasaurs when I was a kid, but it seems like there weren't so many discovered then. Well, that was ancient times ago when I was young. I love to look things up because i'm a curious person.
sapphireraptor - Feb 14, 2022 -
ichthyosaur fossil is 30 foot plus long mandina, the pictures of it are quite impressive, how it did not get damaged when they dredged the reservoir is a minor miracle
Tagged as: Addictive
Mandina - Feb 13, 2022 -
If I ever see stilton cheese, Ill try it. That's interesting about the sea fossil. I live about 40 miles from a large volcano, Mt. Shasta. There are sea shell fossils in the valley surrounding it, even though it is far from the ocean. But nothing as interesting as dragons.


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