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lady13bug - Feb 27, 2022 -
1795 puts me about ninth even though it says i am last scoring quite bad on here
Tagged as: Addictive, Challenging
ShockwaveFriends - Feb 23, 2022 -
We have a new word game called, Daily WordUp. Hope you come check it out!
PuzlsRfun - Feb 23, 2022 -
1500 today. And yes, the older version was much better. I've found if I play carefully, and don't make any mistakes it works well. a couple of mistypes though, and you have to back them out in a number of ways.
stpaulchuck - Feb 22, 2022 -
navigation in the BW is STILL a mess. Using the backup key does not erase the letter (most of the time). Clicking on a letter does not always move it back to the pool. I really miss our old puzzles. This is like amateur hour.
Tagged as: Tedious
RTDToo - Feb 21, 2022 -
i was only 159th out of 158 today! (It was actually 19th out of 100 though).


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