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lady13bug - Jan 16, 2022 -
says 3/8 at top but 2/8 really
Tagged as: Addictive
susanag2012 - Dec 16, 2021 -
SLOWSKID & FARIDEH: Hi, guys! Although English is NOT my first language I've been solving anagrams for a long time. I am not the best player at this but I have learned a few things and I'd like to help you. To avoid wasting seconds while searching new words, I suggest you to notice there are more words in the same one you've selected. For example: plural and singular, past tense and present tense and or reading it from left to right and viceversa. Notice this: DISTANCES/DISTANCE, RAW/WAR, WARD/DRAW, WOLF/FLOW, DRAWER/REWARD, NOTICED/NOTICE/NOT/TON/ICED/ICE.[6 words in 1]..and so on. Cheers! ♥♥
Tagged as: Addictive, Challenging
suenett - Nov 17, 2021 -
First, No Tokens & now No Daily Scores !!?? How long does SW think it can go on like this?? Great site, if all you want is Ads - but forget about entertainment or any sense of achievement!! And that applies to all their online games. USED TO BE A GREAT GAME SITE!!
janwpb - Nov 5, 2021 -
fast one today!
suenett - Oct 15, 2021 -
SW is getting worse and worse - and now NO TOKENS


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