Daily Jigsaw: Vintage Posters

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jbholly - Mar 2, 2022 -
Thought that I'd seen most of Boris Karloff's old movies on the late, late show back in the day, but 'The Ape' doesn't seem familiar. Lisarah, of course, I also have an email address, doubt that we should exchange them here. Does SW have a private chat room?
lisarah - Mar 2, 2022 -
jbholly we seem to have so much in common with our hobbies, it was lovely to hear your story. Is there some other way we could chat on line? I do have an email address of course, I would not like to upset SW with our chats.Thank you SW for your games and the chance to find like minded friends.
jbholly - Mar 1, 2022 -
Lisarah, my very precious 'special child' Douglas who was born severely handicapped filled my life with joy & sorrow albeit so briefly. I am hooked on both jigsaw & sudoku puzzles and have been diving into genealogy records since 1992, before I had a computer. My mother's parents met here in Rhode Island, after their parents had come from England in the 1890's - the paternal side from Ashton-under-Lyne & the maternal side from Bradford-on-Avon. Since all my great grandparents left their family homes on their own, it was rather easy for me to locate cousins which I'd been visiting every few years since 1995, with a couple coming here as well. My father's Swedish mother's family also came here in the 1890's, but tracing his father's English family was a lot of hard work which took me back to the Mayflower. Work ~ but such fun! Sorry for running on a bit!
OzSomeOne - Mar 1, 2022 -
7:04 #3 still fighting that war today
lisarah - Mar 1, 2022 -
Hi jbholly I think your Grandma pronounced your name perfectly, that does sound lovely. I am so sorry to hear your son died so young, Lisa my eldest daughter was 50 in January this year, and Sarah is 48. I am 100% English as both my parents were born in London. When I am not doing puzzles I am usually researching my family trees, which I find fascinating.


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