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leafcutterbee - Feb 27, 2022 -
The snow has been disappearing as the warm chinook winds eat away at it. Sometimes I think I`d rather have snow than have these high pressure winds that bring awful headaches. Hard to even go for a walk in an upright position lol. Have a wonderful week ahead !!
diknitts - Feb 24, 2022 -
and we will have 24 hours of snow fall starting Friday morning. I'm hoping for warmer days. I was out in the sunshine yesterday and it was nearly 70 degrees and it felt so good on my back. It's dry here too. One bad nor'easter a couple of light snowfalls and that is about it. We have had a good amount of rain. Need to get out in the front yard NOW to prune my roses. Thanks for you nice note. It is very much appreciated. Dianne
Tagged as: Addictive
leafcutterbee - Feb 21, 2022 -
Yikes diknitts... never mind me staying off black ice, YOU stay off it !! Got a few more inches of snow , so doing my work from home, I`m lucky that I can do that. The snow is badly needed, it`s been so dry, any precipitation is welcome. Going to be awfully cold for a bit but then back to warmer temps. You stay safe and keep recovering!!!
diknitts - Feb 20, 2022 -
Leafcutterbee, Yes, better but a long way to go. I lost 40% of my blood volume. And it will take months before I'm back to "normal." But I keep trying each day to make an improvement, no matter how small. IT's about baby steps for now. And I miss time here too but it is from sheer exhaustion, lack of oxygen due to reduced blood. Stay off black ice. I learned the hard way and it was VERY hard.
Tagged as: Addictive
leafcutterbee - Feb 20, 2022 -
Nice to see you are doing the games again diknitts, hopefully that means you are healing well?! I`ve been working with the bees...busy time of the year for me. So I might miss a day here and there, or just am able to play one set. Bee well !!


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