ABC Mysteriez!

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Anonymous - Nov 5, 2020 -
There are some letters that when clicked on won't register as found because they are so big you can't figure out what angle the game wants for it. So I lose time trying repeatedly. This is the crummy part of the game. Otherwise, it's fun to look for cleverly hidden letters.
Anonymous - Mar 6, 2019 -
Agree letters should disappear when clicked. No hint option - why not?
Anonymous - Sep 14, 2018 -
I haven't played this in a long time, but, I seem to remember that the letters USED to disappear. DBS
Anonymous - Sep 11, 2018 -
The letters really should disappear after you click on them.
Anonymous - May 27, 2018 -
Probably the worst game on this site. Why don't the letters disappear when you find them?? That's just plain stupid!! If I could give this zero stars, I definitely would.


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